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Ouray, CO February 2009 - I had dinner plans at Buena Tiempo in Ouray (with a friend in Ridgway) and had two hours to kill in town. Now for the most part, Ouray is considered a "summer town" - a large amount of the town's tourism activity happens during the warm months. Ice climbing, however, is an ever-growing winter activity that is providing Ouray with more notoriety among ice climbers.

On this afternoon, I investigated the ice park. To visit the Ouray Ice Park, travel on Highway 550 south (just outside of Ouray). One of the parking lots is across the street from the Box Canyon Falls road entrance.

Ouray Ice Park

Ouray Ice Park

There are two spectactor areas for people like me. Mind you, you would never get me to go down a major cliff like that regardless of how safe ice climbing is!

BOTTOM PHOTO: Ahhhhh ... I could see through the platform. Not for the faint of heart! ;)

Ice Climbing Ice Climbing Ouray Ice Park Three photos of an ice climber in blue with a green helmet. See him?
Ice Climbing A climber in orange hangs just below the bridge.
Ouray Ice Park I walked upward toward the upper viewing area. These two climbers were already finished, but I thought the contrast of the size of the people and the largeness of the cliff was remarkable.
Ouray Ice Park A nice photo of the slot canyon.
Ouray Ice Park The Ouray Ice Park. During the winter months, one can reach Box Canyon Falls, but only by foot. You'll need to walk on the road.

These photos were provided by Steve Garufi. His twitter page is twitter.com/stevegarufi.

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