Ouray, Colorado

A Visit To The Ouray Hot Springs (August 14, 2007)

Ouray, Colorado Today was Savanna's 10th birthday. She wanted to go to the Ouray Hot Springs pool. It is still monsoon season, and so it was raining and thundering when we got there. We waited in town for awhile until the skies cleared.
Ouray, Colorado
Ouray Ampitheater
The town of Ouray and an overcast view of the Ampitheater.
Ouray Town Park The birthday girl at the Ouray Town Park.
Ouray Hot Springs Ouray Hot Springs

Ouray Hot Springs

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool is a ton of fun and worth the $10 admission.
Mt. Sneffels Mt. Sneffels As we were returning to Telluride, I took the next two photos of Mt. Sneffels from the scenic overlook on highway 62, between Ridgway and Placerville. My husband and his friend hiked Mt. Sneffels from Yankee Boy Basin this year!

(All photos and captions produced by Lisa W. in Telluride, CO.)

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