Ouray, Colorado

Ouray, Colorado In 1975 (Lisa Wilson's Vacation Photos)

Ouray, CO Living in a tourist town, I talk to lots of people in town, riding the gondola, and riding the ski lifts. A question that I'm often asked when they find out I didn't grow up skiing is how we found this town? I explain that I've been visiting Colorado since I was tiny, and we spent the most time in the San Juan Mountains.

This is me in Ouray in 1975 standing with my grandparents! I was the only grandchild back then since my brother and cousins weren't born yet. We took a lot of road trips in Colorado and literally drove through or spent the night in all of the mountain towns you can think of, but my grandpa and my dad were always drawn back to Ouray. We would drive to Ridgway and up the divide to Telluride for the day sometimes.

Ouray, CO Ouray really hasn't changed that much along Main Street. It's nice that some things stay the same.
Ouray, CO Facing south on Main Street.

Photos and commentary by Lisa Wilson in Telluride, Colorado. Her blog dedicated to Telluride is: mtsrool.blogspot.com.

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